Alcohol Abuse

Symptoms of substance abuse or addiction can mask symptoms of mental illness, and symptoms of mental illness can be confused with symptoms of addiction. To be effective, both disorders must be treated at the same time, in the same place, by the same treatment team.

Alcohol Abuse Can Take Many Forms

Clear Recovery Center specializes in treating alcohol abuse and addiction – regardless of the situation of the client. While socially acceptable, alcohol is responsible for close to 100,000 deaths yearly, and can be one of the most insidious addictions. Just like with drug addiction, alcohol abuse can take many forms. Binge drinking and problem drinking can be a problem for college age students, young adults, and older adults equally. To effectively treat alcohol abuse problems, Clear Recovery Center helps our clients get to the root of the issues. What underlying causes and conditions lead to the need and compulsion to drink. Addressing these key issues is necessary, in order for our clients to achieve long-term relief from their drinking. At Clear, we also focus on providing the necessary family support to help parents, husbands, wives or children navigate through the difficulties of having a loved one with a drinking problem.

Dynamic Alcohol Treatment for the Individual

It is important during the recovery process to have a healthy community to connect with. Clear Recovery Center also focuses on treating the root causes that drive alcohol abuse. Treatment for alcohol problems is not accomplished in a vacuum and through using effective group treatment coupled with individual therapy, the professional staff at Clear is able to address the different needs of our clients. At Clear we also have an adult and a young adult track – this is important because individuals in different age groups struggle with different issues.

Alcohol abuse often crops up in response to other issues taking place in someone’s life. Co-occuring disorders are common, and because of this, the Clear team treats the intersection of mental health and addiction. We help individuals heal their entire lives, so that alcohol abuse becomes something that no longer has control. By dealing with the root issues that lead to excessive drinking, the compulsion to drink can be addressed and a healthy life can resume.

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We also realize that alcoholism is a family issue. No family is able to escape unscathed when a member of that family struggles with alcohol abuse. Often, there are also difficulties in the family dynamic, even when the alcohol has left the picture. Clear Recovery Center recognizes this and provides support for family members of loved ones inside of the program. Learning to heal, provide effective support, and show up in a healthy way are a key part of any comprehensive recovery process and Clear makes sure to provide families with every resource in order to accomplish this.

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