Alumni Support

Effective treatment leads to recovery that lasts long after the program ends

Many individuals are concerned with their ability to remain sober after they complete their treatment program. Family members often share in this concern, with their only frame of reference being previous, failed attempts, at treatment.

Not only do we help each of our clients plan effectively for an independently managed sober lifestyle, Clear Recovery Center’s ongoing support services can help graduates to stay connected and maintain a lasting sense of accountability in order to increase the likelihood of success and decrease rates of relapse.

Alumni support is such a crucial part of what we do at Clear Recovery Center that even after the program is over, graduates are considered family. Case managers don’t just disappear and we stay in frequent contact with all of the individuals who have gone through our program!

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Support After Outpatient

All Clear Recovery Center alumni will have access to:

12 Step Meetings

Alcoholics Anonymous meetings for alumni continue to meet weekly at the Clear Recovery Center campus at no cost for individuals who would like to participate. Members of our community find a huge support network through this outlet and stay connected with one another long after the program ends.

Alumni Events

Many individuals who complete our intensive recovery program must begin to build new relationships with other sober people when they return to their daily lives. Some participants struggle to know where to begin when it comes to building these new relationships. Alumni leaders also work together to plan regular social events that are conducive to sober living. These fun and community-based events give previous participants the opportunity to connect in productive and meaningful ways that support the recovery process.

Stay in Communication

Even after someone has graduated from Clear Recovery Center, case managers and other alumni all stay in communication with one another. This helps to foster the strong community and provide a support network for times of need.

Clear Doesn’t Go Away

Rather than leave alumni to fend for themselves after completion, Clear seeks to stay a positive influence in their life, always providing a place to turn for support and guidance after graduation. Our goal is long-term recovery for all of our clients!
Finishing a program with Clear Recovery Center doesn’t mean that the support is finished as well. Alumni of Clear programs are strongly encouraged to participate in the many community events long after the graduate the program

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