Assessment & Referrals

At Clear Recovery Center, we are committed to helping find you or your loved one’s unique starting point on this journey.

Rehabilitation and recovery are complex. There are a tremendous amount of options and resources and no one solution works for everyone, every time. That is why Clear Recovery Center offers a free assessment and will help you determine where the recovery and rehabilitation should start in your situation.

Individuals are Evaluated on a Variety of Factors

  • Emotional

    An inability to adjust to life, low frustration tolerance.

  • Psychological

    Psychosis, depression, anxiety or PTSD.

  • Mental

    Difficulty dealing with daily challenges as the result of addiction.

  • Environment

    An inability to adjust to life, low frustration tolerance.

  • Reasons for Seeking Help

    Genuine reasons from the individual as to why they want help.

  • Physical

    Not just diet and exercise, but any physical trauma or impairments.

Are you concerned for yourself or a loved one?

Even small suspicions can lead to potentially life-threatening decision making and regrets. Nothing is more important than starting the process early - Call Clear Recovery Center today to get started!

Assessing the Individual is Only the First Step.

Making sure that someone follows the correct trajectory is key to a successful treatment for addiction or mental health issues. We believe that one-size-fits-all addiction treatment is far less effective than a customized and dynamic plan that is centered around helping an individual target the specific struggles that are holding THEM back from their best life.

Once your assessment is finished, Clear Recovery Center will help you begin the process to your recovery.We also offer help navigating the legal system if you are currently engaged with the courts as a result of addiction.

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