One of the most important aspects of recovery is connecting to a healthy and supportive community

Addiction and mental health struggles often pushes an individual into isolation, furthering mental and emotional problems. Left unaddressed, this can send someone deeper and deeper into their addiction. Time and time again, we have learned that helping someone connect to a community is one of the most important steps in helping them battle their addiction and regain a normal, positive and productive life.

Reconnecting individuals to a community of healthy people helps address numerous issues caused by addiction and untreated mental health issues; it also makes recovery fun!

Community is Actively Fostered:

During program hours, there are numerous events and activities in place to help clients learn how to connect with one another in a healthy and controlled setting. These interactions allow participants to learn how to bring effective communication skills with them out beyond the walls of Clear. Some of the activities they participate in are:

  • Experiential Outings
  • Age and gender specific programming
  • Volleyball at beach
  • Miniature golf
  • Hiking
  • Art projects

There are also a number of activities that our clients frequently participate in with one another outside of the walls of Clear. By connecting participants with healthy individuals in the community that are further along in their recovery, we are able to help facilitate the next step in healthy community engagement.

  • Group Dinners 
  • Saturday night bowling
  • Movies
  • Lazer tag
  • Go karting

Community relationships continue long after a client has finished their treatment at Clear! We even have successful alumni return and speak for current members. Watching the continued growth and development of our alumni is one of the best parts about what we do!

Life After Addiction Should Be Fun

A community of healthy and like-minded individuals is crucial not only for staying sober, but also to enjoying life free from drug and alcohol abuse. At Clear Recovery Center. we believe that life after active addiction or untreated mental health issues should be celebrated! Come join us in transforming your life into the best version of itself!
In addition to helping clients develop strong community skills and connections, Clear Recovery Center is focused around helping our members remove all of the obstacles in their path to a healthy, successful and productive lifestyle! That is why we place a premium on helping participants develop strong life skills that will serve them well after they have left the center.

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