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A focus on whole person health and wellness is essential to a lasting recovery from addiction.

Participants of Clear Recovery Center’s programs will have the opportunity to begin to forgive and love themselves and to take exceptional care of themselves as a result. We are excited to be a meaningful part of your recovery and overall health and wellness!

Clear Recovery Center understands that breaking free from the depths of addiction is a two-part process. To get inspired on recovery, individuals need to first get involved in a community of people dedicated to bettering themselves.

In order to maintain that recovery however, one must engage in the therapeutic process of discovering what drove their addiction and uncovering the factors that kept them held in its sway. At Clear Recovery Center we do both. Our powerful community is there to offer support, encouragement and guidance to those getting started.

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While committing to sustained sobriety is an important part of establishing a healthy lifestyle, abstaining from drug and alcohol use is only one aspect of overall health and wellness. Clear Recovery Center is dedicated to providing support for complete wellness in mind, body, and spirit. We are able to provide meaningful education and support for:


Good nutrition is essential to managing mood, blood sugar, and optimal body function. Unfortunately, the current Standard American Diet is full of processed sugars, preservatives, and partially hydrogenated oils that are proven to contribute to chronic inflammation and disease. Clear Recovery Center has licensed professional nutritionists and dietitians on staff to help participants in our programs to assess their current diet and make gradual changes towards a whole foods diet that is supportive of recovery and sustained sobriety. Our professional staff is able to provide individual meal plans, weight management plans, and one-on-one nutritional education for those that need additional support.


Regular exercise is proven to provide an increased level of endorphins in the brain. These hormones contribute to the natural “feel good” feeling and encourage the brain to find new pathways for pleasure outside of drug and alcohol use. Clear Recovery Center offers numerous opportunities for exercise including group exercise opportunities (dancing, yoga, walking/running groups, intramural sports, etc.) and personal training and individualized exercise plans. A healthy exercise regimen, coupled with a balanced diet, can offer the benefits of increased energy, weight control, increased self-esteem, improved sleep, an increased lifespan, and generally reduced stress.

Spiritual and Holistic Wellness

Our expert care staff is dedicated to providing a holistic experience of healing for all participants in our programs. We offer meditation skills classes as well as guided meditation group sessions for increased mental health and spiritual well being. We also encourage participants to connect with local religious and secular communities for services related to their spiritual beliefs. Additionally, we provide sleep skill courses so that our participants can begin to create an evening routine that includes reflection, self-care, and deep breathing to get the most restful and rejuvenating sleep possible.

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