Individual Therapy

At Clear Recovery Center, we know that therapy has to be dynamic, and tailored to the individual

At Clear Recovery Center, we offer the support of individual counselors and therapists. We help uncover and treat the issues underlying depression, anxiety and substance abuse.

Are you suffering from depression or anxiety? Do you need an individual therapist to help you uncover the causes and roots of your struggles in life? Whether you or a loved one is struggling in high school, college, a career or a relationship, Clear Recovery Center’s team can help you provide relief and therapeutic guidance.

Clear Recovery Center has an amazing therapeutic team on-site to help you navigate through and deal with the problems in your life. Our trained therapists can provide you with the help you need to address your family issues, marriage struggles, anxiety, anger, depression and other unwanted conditions.

The Clear staff has a tremendous amount of experience helping teens, adults and young adults deal with the varied issues that come up throughout the different stages of life. Emotional turbulence can present itself in a variety of situations, and untreated depression, anxiety or other emotional disturbance can be extremely disruptive and painful.

Fortunately, emotional issues and substance abuse can be treated and dealt with in a healthy way. Of course, no two patients are the same. Luckily, Clear Recovery Center’s unparalleled selection of therapeutic approaches provides a unique and appropriate treatment plan for each client. Our licensed therapy professionals are trained in a variety of different individual therapeutic modalities.

Clear Recovery Center believes that the success of its patients is dependent on the quality of its staff. That’s why we have one of the best teams of individual therapists, case managers and operational support staff in the industry. With a tremendous amount of experience in the behavioral health space and a passion for helping others, the Clear Recovery Center staff is the South Bay’s premiere addiction and mental health treatment team.

Along with individual therapy, we work with our clients on group therapy and provide an unparalleled experience.

Our Group Therapy

Therapeutic Modalities


This therapeutic approach works to support patients in identifying harmful and destructive thought patterns and behaviors and find meaningful solutions to managing these feelings and emotions. CBT is particularly focused on providing a forward-thinking approach to recovery and past trauma and helps patients to create new thinking patterns to achieve lasting sobriety.


While DBT was initially created to provide support to teens and adolescents, it is now considered an excellent therapeutic option for all individuals struggling with chemical dependency. DBT helps clients develop skills like emotion regulation and interpersonal relationship management that are important keys to managing addiction in a healthy and positive way.


This modern therapeutic approach is focused on mindfulness and living in the present moment. In Gestalt therapy sessions, patients will have the opportunity to identify the issues that are currently blocking their ability to achieve sobriety and will work with their therapist to work through the “meaning-making process” in order to find intrinsic motivation to participate in recovery.


In these therapy sessions, individuals will work with counseling professionals to identify unconscious maladaptive behaviors and issues that contribute to continued drug and alcohol use, and work to rectify previous trauma and negative experiences through dialogue.


This method of therapy works to help clients set goals and obtain a sense of personal motivation towards sobriety. Motivational interviewing is focused on assisting patients to make meaningful change that can contribute to their recovery process for a lifetime.


EMDR is a method that utilizes specific eye movements or other physical processes to help alleviate the ongoing stress that accompanies previous trauma and the memories of trauma. EMDR often provides immediate results for patients struggling with difficult childhood and early experiences, in only one or two therapy sessions.


This therapeutic method also helps to heal trauma and posttraumatic stress. Patients will work with their mental health practitioner to identify previous traumatic experiences and utilize techniques that allow the patient to begin to manage everyday situations effectively.

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